Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gotta Give it to Rosie

I admire Rosie in so many ways. I think we saw yesterday that Elizabeth Hasselbeck is ridiculous. Her opinions are so unbelievably senseless. And if you google her previous rants, you will see that she certainly had senseless, very unprofessional fights and ramblings, for which she had to be reprimanded by Barbara Walters BEFORE Rosie ever came to the View- August of last year to be exact.

She seriously must be working for Fox news or something similar. Probably just the case of the producers of The View wanting to incite riots for ratings and that's why they resorted to spilt screen nonsense on last day of ratings sweep. If you watch again, you will see that Elizabeth just keeps on persisting with the rant after Joy and guest co-host try to smooth things over.

It just really sucks when people have ulterior motives and hurt other people, even if it just to be right and get their (naive) point across, or even worse- because they are being compensated for it, either in money or notoriety.

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karrie said...

I've never seen The View, but caught the clip on YouTube. I'd go with your compensation theory. Yuck.