Monday, May 14, 2007


Is there anthing harder than waiting for a job that you really, really want to come through? I think not. Today , it is officially one week past the day I was supposed to find out for sure if this job was mine. Aggghhh..........

My aggravation is furthered by the fact that not yet knowing if this job is mine is holding me up on securing my long-term living situation (house). And this is a big deal- we cannot afford just any house we like in NYC- i.e- we aren't mega millionares. Makes me want to just pack it up and move to Kansas sometimes, although I know the minute I got there and breathed in the fresh air, let my kids run around, and met some real nice people, I would pack it up and crawl back to NYC because I just love it here. I just don't know how much one has to earn to live in a decent area and raise kids here anymore. It's scary. A few years ago if we would have imagined our now combined salaries, we would have thought that we could afford a nice place and had quite a few options. But the housing market went stir crazy and although we have a nice income, are stuck without a house. We have a nice apartment and live across from the park, but still the thought of backyard pools and kids running around freely (how I grew up) is something I have always wanted.

If this job does not come through soon, look out Kansas, I may be headed your way.

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karrie said...

It really is frightening. Sometimes it feels like Monopoly money.

I drove through Kansas a few years ago. Beautiful night sky, truly creepy billboard messages.