Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gotta Give it to Rosie

I admire Rosie in so many ways. I think we saw yesterday that Elizabeth Hasselbeck is ridiculous. Her opinions are so unbelievably senseless. And if you google her previous rants, you will see that she certainly had senseless, very unprofessional fights and ramblings, for which she had to be reprimanded by Barbara Walters BEFORE Rosie ever came to the View- August of last year to be exact.

She seriously must be working for Fox news or something similar. Probably just the case of the producers of The View wanting to incite riots for ratings and that's why they resorted to spilt screen nonsense on last day of ratings sweep. If you watch again, you will see that Elizabeth just keeps on persisting with the rant after Joy and guest co-host try to smooth things over.

It just really sucks when people have ulterior motives and hurt other people, even if it just to be right and get their (naive) point across, or even worse- because they are being compensated for it, either in money or notoriety.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Real Men Don't Wear Toesies!

I was walking my chihuahua/eskie mix last week when I came across a sight that I haven't seen since the fall, which signaled to me that yes, the summer season with all of its hazy lazy days and casual wear, was definitely upon us. There was a guy walking his dog too, clad in an old t-shirt and some khakis wearing toesies, and then there was another. The next guy was with his significant other and they were both adorning this feminine sandal.

My pup finished her business and I turned to come home, down a busy street usually reserved for locals who board the uptown F train to work. There was a man dressed in black head to toe, black sunglasses, nice suit, good watch, and yet to my astonishment, when I looked down, expecting to see Italian leather foot wear, I saw that he was wearing those hideous summer sandals that men should never wear................and with a suit!!!

Can someone explain this to me? I never liked the humid dog days of summer to begin with here in NYC- but now when I walk my dog during those dog days, I will have to live in fear of the toesie clan, complete with their big, hairy, pale toes. So please guys, think twice when selecting your summer footwear- toesies just do not make a man!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

It came through..............things are finally falling into place.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Life Choices

Having made many of my life choices when I was just a youngin', I reserve the right to change my mind. Only did my watching the season finale of Grey's Anatomy tonight ignite this thought. I have been down and out lately with my life, our lack of house, lack of funds, lack of where I want to be in life. I was thinking you know what, if I could go back in time and start college all over again, I would go into the medical field. I watched the absolute collapse of poor Christine's wedding, George's career, Callie's marriage, Meredith's relationship, and so on............and I realized that I COULD GO BACK TO COLLEGE AND GO INTO THE MEDICAL FIELD if that is what I really wanted. I could. And it would help provide the lifestyle I want for the rest of my life.

No, this one show did not put me on a path toward complete life and career change. I have been contemplating, mulling, wracking my brain inside and out for months and months, trying to think of what I could do so my kids and I would be happy. My kids are great and they know what I've been going through, what we've been going through looking for a house. My older ones told me that they think I can do anything I put my mind to, but that I should never give up writing completely. They told me that if I said tomorrow that I wanted to move to Africa, they'd go with me, or if I told them I was going to be a brain surgeon, they'd believe it in a second and that I'd succeed. They have immense faith in me, loads more than I have in myself. I surely lucked out because my kids are genuinely good and caring people.

I'm feeling very peaceful, Dave Matthews is playing in the background. I'm coming off of the high of watching Grey's Anatomy- they have truly gifted writers. When Christina said "He's gone...................I'm free", and burst into tears, I was in awe...................of the acting, the writing, and understanding where she was coming from.

So many changes, so many choices for each of us..............and none written in stone.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Is there anthing harder than waiting for a job that you really, really want to come through? I think not. Today , it is officially one week past the day I was supposed to find out for sure if this job was mine. Aggghhh..........

My aggravation is furthered by the fact that not yet knowing if this job is mine is holding me up on securing my long-term living situation (house). And this is a big deal- we cannot afford just any house we like in NYC- i.e- we aren't mega millionares. Makes me want to just pack it up and move to Kansas sometimes, although I know the minute I got there and breathed in the fresh air, let my kids run around, and met some real nice people, I would pack it up and crawl back to NYC because I just love it here. I just don't know how much one has to earn to live in a decent area and raise kids here anymore. It's scary. A few years ago if we would have imagined our now combined salaries, we would have thought that we could afford a nice place and had quite a few options. But the housing market went stir crazy and although we have a nice income, are stuck without a house. We have a nice apartment and live across from the park, but still the thought of backyard pools and kids running around freely (how I grew up) is something I have always wanted.

If this job does not come through soon, look out Kansas, I may be headed your way.